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Hair drop part 3

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Hair drop Part 2

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Hair Drop Part 1 

That moment when you say swag to make fun of the word and then it becomes a habit, and I literally replied to my mother this morning by saying swag……

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Education was my my salvation.

The pain you feel from your abuse, I don’t know how to handle
the scars and bruise that wreak your heart, I still can’t hold a candle
to, so please let me relate
so please use me to communicate
suck reckless words I throw around
and yet the thought of speaking makes you drowned
lost in a world of total mistrust
looking for pleasure in the heart of lust
struggling to create yourself
and refusing to believe in the love of someone else
harsh words and actions left you confused
pushing your heart to become a total recluse
and while my sufferings can never compare
I work each day to try and repair
myself by finding somthing real
somebody I can try to help heal
with all your tears hidden behind your solid hard shell
Created so that you can repel
You wander the world understanding that its each man for himself
in your everlasting struggle to help other because you’re not in it for the wealth
only you came out of this fucked up situation
and only you are going to be peoples inspiration
Its funny how stupid you think everyone is
for their everyday actions and ridiculous opinions
but perhaps the reason you want to sing
is because you know the truth that you can bring
you know the proper words of inquisition
that can matter so much to this generation
And maybe I’m just a pizza girl
but I will love you as you concur each hurtle
stay gold Ponyboy if only for yourself
And maybe one day I’ll be your someone else. -Kyuubikrazy

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The above photo is me drunk in waffle house

The no smoking one I stole from my friend Pony Boy. Its his bum staring in that picture as well.

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<# Please don’t steal <#

Poe.trys for nerds

I am his nothing
he is my everything
I was once told be wary of a person who is handing you a shirt when they are completely naked.
What about a heart?
I can live with out it.
I yearn to be an inspiration
He is the very definition
I am his nothing
He is my everything
they say its unhealthy to be out in the cold
they say its unhealthy but what if I don’t want to die old
I am aware of this prison some people call consciousness
I sleep in a cell that has been dubbed happiness
I breath in the smoke of unnecessary fulfillment
and breath out the taste of unwitting achievement
Need is word people use when they’re selfish
Love is a world people use when they’re selfless
Desire and Lust sleep with each other on the weekends
Behind the back of their most loved ones
She is his nothing
He is her everything. -KyuubiKrazy

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I think I’ma make this blog more of a, shit I’ve been doing in my life blog.. plus art some times.. yeh

So the top pic is a picture of the first time I every puked due to intoxication. Woo hoo. 

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My Duela Dent A.K.A Jokers daughter, Cosplay. I’m pretty proud of this one lol

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Th blood on the side of my head formed a perfect heart, ON COMPLETE ACCIDENT! It was pretty awesome.

Th blood on the side of my head formed a perfect heart, ON COMPLETE ACCIDENT! It was pretty awesome.